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March 20, 2011 by Jimbo9294
I have been using my wife's Samsung Galaxy S Epic and My daughter's HTC EVO (both have android 2.1.1 and have 4G speed connected) and neither compare to the multitasking speed of my Palm running webos 1.45.



January 13, 2008 by Jimbo9294
My personal site, DeskTopMakers is now complete enough for me to introduce it.

 The main reason for the site is, I wanted to start making previews of my screen savers, and also to utilize the upload features at two of my favorite sites,  Skinning.net and SkinArtistry.com.

When you upload a skin to one of these sites, you can add a demo link (like a YouTube video) of your skin. This is fantastic for screen savers. So go ahead, check out my site, and do not forget to say hi.

December 17, 2006 by Jimbo9294
After receiving a few emails concerning installing a screen saver, I figured I would put this post together.In addition, I must note that some screen savers by others can be an .EXE file; this is an instruction for .SCR files.After downloading the .ZIP file: Open the .ZIP file (open or extract whatever normally do).Right-click on the .SCR file: (You have three options)Test: You can test the screen saver before installing it, to see if it is compatible with your system. I make my screen savers w...