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Check Out the Screen Saver Preview Page.
Published on January 13, 2008 By Jimbo9294 In Websites

My personal site, DeskTopMakers is now complete enough for me to introduce it.

 The main reason for the site is, I wanted to start making previews of my screen savers, and also to utilize the upload features at two of my favorite sites,  Skinning.net and SkinArtistry.com.

When you upload a skin to one of these sites, you can add a demo link (like a YouTube video) of your skin. This is fantastic for screen savers. So go ahead, check out my site, and do not forget to say hi.

 Here is an image of the home page and the previews page. More images can be found in my photo gallery at WinCustomize.com.

The Home Page:  Features an RSS reader by SpringWidgets.com. You can keep up to date with WinCustomize.com, SkinBase.org, SkinArtistry.com, and Skinning.net, plus National and World news. I will be adding more links soon.

 The Screen Saver Preview Page:

The page features a player with previews of my most popular screen savers, plus other players. One is for the most popular screen saver and the other is for the most recent preview uploaded to YouTube.com.

on Jan 13, 2008
Cool deal Jimbo:) will add that to my Bookmarks
on Jan 13, 2008
Congrats Jim!
Really nice! Idea and realisation!!!
on Jan 13, 2008
Thanks HG_Eliminator & Alperium.
on Apr 24, 2008
I LOVE this! What a great idea!  
on Apr 24, 2008
Nice site. I was previewing Ambiance and fell asleep.........
on Apr 24, 2008
Love blue, nice looking and thanks for ther plug.  
on May 23, 2008
I have been a way for a while working on other projects. League Of ExtraOrdinary Skinners Project

I will be updating the site soon, but if you go to the Screen Saver Preview Page, you can see the projects and other fun stuff I am doing....I update my YouTube page often.   
Screen Saver Preview Page
Here is some fun stuff I shared with the project team at Skinartistry.
on May 23, 2008
on May 23, 2008
Thank You.
Thanks also to SK, and Hankers for a great site.  
on May 23, 2008
Thanks Lantec,   
I made them with my wife in mind...who wanted something soothing on her desktop after playing online games for hours.   

Thanks libertyspring,
I hope it catches on...not bad for a geocities site.  
on May 23, 2008
Updated the Website today to include the most recent projects.
on May 24, 2008

It's great !! .... Now all I have to do is find something like this for my Desktop Sidebar Collection .... I would love to have summat like that ....

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